UniRPG Actions Pack

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Updated on the 25/01/2014 to work with UniRPG 1.2.8.

If you are updating from an older version, remember that some of the old actions are not obsolete. (E.g. Show and Hide Equipped Items – this are now park of UniRPG).

Note: In Buying this product you agree to respect the rights of the creator. The product is to be used for commercial or casual game development and agree not to distribute in part or full to any other third party(s).

The Armada Animations UniRPG Actions Pack is a series of actions form UniRPG which is an Editor Extension for Unity 4.

The following actions are included in the pack. The instructions and video demonstrations are below.

Show Weapon Trails


This action shows a weapon trail behind the melee weapon. The prefab is included in the resource directory. You can create your own, or adapt this one. It was adapted from the UniWiki Post. http://unifycommunity.com/wiki/index.php?title=MeleeWeaponTrail

Character : The character you want to have the weapon trail

Effect Prefab: Use the included prefab unless you understand the coding and set-up.

Position Adjustment: You can adjust where you want the effect to start from. (Bottom of the trail)

Delay (secs): You may want to delay the trail until an the attack animation is in full swing (pardon the pun).

Fade Out After (secs): How long does the animation go for?

Height of Trail: This is the height of the trail, or width, or size, depending on how you consider it. If you are doing a bigger effect or using a larger weapon you would set this to the appropriate size.  It uses the local x axis for the size. Change this in the code if your set-up does not use this. (ShowWeaponTrail.cs : Line 93 : mySwipe._tip.transform.localPosition = new Vector3(height, 0, 0);)

Note: I did not create the weapon trail scripts which the action uses, just the action itself. All scripts are included and should work out of the box. Special thanks to Forest Johnson (Yoggy) and Anomalous “I didn’t ask for this” Underdog.


Play Random Animation


Subject: The actor you want to play the animation

Crossfade: Set to true if you want the animation that plays to crossfade in.

Wrap Mode: The wrap mode of the animation

Number of Animations: The number of possible animations you want to play

Animations: Enter the name of each animation you want to play. One will be chosen at random.

Area of Effect (AOE)


Subject: The subject is the centre for the AOE.

Size: The size is the size in metres the effect considers

Effect Attribute: You can effect any attribute you want.

Effect by: This is how much (and in what way) you change the effected attribute.

Delay: You can choose to delay the effect.

Show Debug Logs: If you are having issues with the action you can turn on debug logs and see where the problem maybe occurring.

Create Object (At Subject)


Gameobject (aka Subject): The transform position to create the object

Prefab: The object to create (often a prefab)

Position Adjustment: You may want to adjust the creation of a prefab (e.g. Place is 0.5Y higher for a hit effect)

Rotation Adjustment: The Subject’s rotation is used and then you can add or remove by adjustment

After seconds: You can choose to delay the effect.

Make it a child: This makes the new object a child of the subject.  (Unity Scripting Guide)

Play Sound


Gameobject: The Subject and the position where the audio clip will be played.

Audio Clip: The audio clip to be played and the slider sets the volume that the audioclip should play at.

Delay: The delay in seconds after the action runs when the audio will play.

Set Music

Audio Clip: The audio clip you want played. Remember to set it to loop, if you want it to loop. Volume is the slider below.

Remember that the Main Camera must be tagged as such. This is done automatically by UniRPG unless changes are made.

Stop Music

This action has NO variables. It simply stops any audio playing on the Main Camera.

Destroy Selection Ring

This is an action which finds the selection ring gameObject and removes it. You can either be specific and set the name in the inspector, or you can leave it blank and it will destroy the object tagged “Selection Ring”. (Demo Selection Ring Included)

Show GUI Text


This was released on the UniRPG Forum, however it has been updated for this pack with an additional feature of fade in/out and setting color

Hand Effects

This action finds the subjects child objects tagged “Main-Hand” and “Off-Hand” and creates prefab effects there.

Show Equipped Item (Sword Models & Prfabs NOT included)

Details on how to use this relatively complex action are found at : https://armadaanimations.wordpress.com/using-unirpg-equip-actions/

Hide Equipped Item  (Sword Models & Prfabs NOT included)


Armada Animations Quest Plugin for UniRPG


DialQ has been released and included in UniRPG. Previous the creator of UniRPG states all Quest systems would be plugins.

Subsequently AA Quests for UniRPG is no long being supported.


Price: $20(USD)

Note: In Buying this product you agree to respect the rights of the creator. The product is to be used for commercial or casual game development and agree not to distribute in part or full to any other third party(s).\

This package requires UniRPG (Version compatible shown at store)  https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/#/content/9694

Buying Now entitles you to immediate updates sent by email, as opposed to the Unity Asset Store where updates can take over 1 week!

Armada Animations Quest Plugin for UniRPG is an all in one Quest and Conversation package that works directly with UniRPG. Allowing you to create quests similar to those seen in World of Warcraft or Neverwinter (MMORPG).

The plugin creates a new tab in the UniRPG Database which allows you to create quests and enter conversation text as well as set rewards. This all runs seamlessly with UniRPG and connects with your existing currency, attritbutes and item settings.


UEPD Screen 2

UEPD Screen 2

In game screen of UEPD for Android iOS.

UEPD Screen 1

UEPD Screen 1

In game screen of UEPD for Android iOS.

UEPD Survival released on Google Play (Android iOS) for FREE!

UEPD Survival released on Google Play (Android iOS) for FREE!

UEPD Survival was a game made in 2010 by Armada Animations. It has been adapted for the Android iOS with substantial improvements and optimisations. Including a new AI and advanced Touch Screen Controls. 

You can now play the game anywhere!

The first version 1.0 is now available for download on Google Play for FREE!

PS: On a side note, Galactic Snooker Lite now has over 3,000 downloads!

Galactic Snooker Lite Released on iOS!


Galactic Snooker Lite has just been released on iOS devices (iPhone and iPad)! This means that almost all tablet and mobile devices can now access the game.

For iOS the game has had some notable changes, primarily geared towards increasing the performance on low-end devices. These changes will soon come to Android in a new update.

Check it out on the iTunes store!

Over 1000 Installs of Galactic Snooker Lite

We have had over 1000 installs of Galactic Snooker Lite! Thank you everyone who has played and particularly the people who have reviewed the game.

At Armada Animations we are currently considering an proposal to have the game approved by the Korean Game Review Board for sale/distribution in South Korea.

Reviews I did not know about

Some more reviews or information about  Galactic Snooker


http://android-apps.com/articles/top-10-android-apps-of-the-week-%E2%80%93-september-23-2011/ Galactic Snooker came in at number 7. I have every aim of getting the full version up to number 1.

There is also a french review, which might explain why there has been a large number of French Android Downloads. http://android-france.fr/2011/09/21/galactic-snooker-lite/


Galactic Snooker Lite Released! – Android Market

Galactic Snooker Banner

Armada Animations is pleased to announce that Galactic Snooker Lite has been released on the Android Market.


The game has had a glowing review from Eurodroid.


and has had more than 500 downloads in the first two weeks! It currently holds a 4 star rating, with the vast majority of players given the game a 5 out of 5.


There is also a promotional You Tube clip available, which showcases only a few of the features of the game.

David Entwisle – Game Designer

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